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Shining City on the Hill accessory pouch

Shining City on the Hill accessory pouch

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In case you recognized it, this image is a distillation of the downtown LA skyline, as seen from Griffith Park as the sun gleams against the windows of the highrises.  Modern, chic, minimalist and neutral enough to work well with other outfits, accessories, and decor.  This artsy yet professionally appropriate pouches will stylishly hold whatever you put inside.  Make up?  Pencil case?  Travel essentials?  Random stuff you put in your gym locker?  Age-neutral design, gender-neutral palette.  Constructed from durable (and washable) 100% polyester with a zipper closure.  

Small 8.35 x 5.98 inches

Large:  11.81 x 8.35 inches

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